Buhner protocol is a herbal protocol with a three pronged approach:

1. Kill bB - in both spirochete and cyst forms

2. Boost immune function to recognize and fight the intruder - bB

3. Minimize symptoms caused by bB

The protocol includes a combination of Cats claw, Japanese Knotweed,  Astragalus and Sarsaparilis. Many people will experience "herxing" or a reaction to the killing of the Lyme & other infections. To address other co-infections, you would need to address his books for further information. He offers a variety of info so that you are able to self-treat.

A good source for purchasing this protocol recommended by Buhner is Green Dragon Botanicals. He recommended it for excellence in potency and purity of herbs which are grown on site. www.greendragonbotanicals.com.


This is a highly regarded protocol that many people credit with reaching remission.

Herbs are frequently more affordable than other treatment options.

Natural remedies are significantly safer and have limited concerns for long term side effects.


Self-treatment is sometimes hard for those when they encounter changing symptoms or complications from Lyme & co infections.

There is a learning curve to self-treating.