Children's Lyme Prevention Program

Our program allows children battling Lyme to educate others in their community about prevention and the issues surrounding Lyme Disease. This program equips children with the tools to educate their community. Click the image for further information on the products we recommend.

How the program works:

1. Find a local location for a child to present Lyme Disease information (ex. School, Community Centers, in the Neighborhood, etc).

2. Apply to be a Presenter

3. Lyme Warrior mails a package of presentation materials & information.

4. Present prevention, education, & their personal experience to their community.

5. Photos or video of the presentation is sent to Lyme Warrior.

6. Presenter receives a Lyme Warrior Kid's Education prize pack for a job well done!

*** Please note, we do not have the resources to accommodate every request but we try our best. ***

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