Children's Book about Lyme Disease & Friendship

Grace & Scout: The story of friendship through Lyme Disease.

We are so excited to announce our first children's book, Grace & Scout. This is the story of two friends where one becomes ill with Lyme Disease and the other finds a way to be a good friend in their time of need.

We hope this story will open up a conversation for kids and adults to share the issues that those with Lyme face and how we can get through it with a little love and support from our friends.

You can purchase a paperback on Amazon or a digital version on Kindle.

Surprise! It is also an activity book. Have kids find the tick on each page while you read the book aloud.

Information section in the back for parents written by Dr. Stram.

Lyme Disease Word Search

Lyme Disease Word Search

Download the full word search here for free.

Great for kid's and Lymies stuck at home needing a brain activity.