Herbals for Lyme Disease

New Leaf Nutrition, LLC

  • Liz Sookarry and David Hurley
  • Dr. Yai Barunakul

David and Liz (siblings) are 3rd generation Master Herbalists and experts in Nutrition, and Dr. Buranakul is a general physician and pediatrician, with a strong interest and experience in natural therapies. We specialize in helping people cut through the medical jargon, simplifying the diagnostic process, and aligning traditional medical protocols with our own results-driven recommendations. We happily work alongside LLMDs or other medical professionals, manipulating our own protocols so as not to overstep what your other trusted physician is recommending, when necessary.

When a client first contacts us, we set up an initial phone, internet, or personal consultation. We prefer to see any medical records and a list of pharmaceutical medicine before this initial meeting, so we have full disclosure and a general idea of the medical history. We give a potential timeline and impressions of our therapy at this first meeting. We can also then schedule any bloodwork and set up a new medical file, if that is determined to be required.

Each and every protocol we create is built around the individual history, symptomology, and medical records of the client. When referring specifically to Lyme or borreliosis, we have helped hundreds with symptom-reduction as well as full therapeutic treatment, from diagnosis to remission. Because of the rapid pliomorphic ability of borrelia spirochetes, we change our formulations for each client every 6-8 weeks, based on evolving symptoms as well as length of time of suspected infection.

In order to reduce the chance of severe Herxheimer’s reactions, which would only slow down the healing process and increase discomfort, we begin with supportive and detox blends to bring symptoms under control as much as possible. Once we achieve some stability in this regard, we start on our lowest potency herbal formulation for borreliosis. Obviously, as the protocol evolves, symptoms will change and most will experience at least some level of Herxheimer’s. With every changing symptom, we individualize the formula to the client in the next round of compounds. We have a strong focus on deactivating the endotoxins that occur during the die-off process, thus ensuring a much reduced Herxheimer reaction.

Each subsequent formula will increase in strength and dosage, as tolerated by the individual. We add new herbs to each formula, to cover all 5 known forms of pliomorphic borrelia. We have over 70 herbs from around the world, each one scientifically researched specifically against bacteria or spirochetal infection, which work synergistically to cover all forms of borrelia and other confirmed or suspected coinfections. We also apply anti-inflammatory methods in each compound, so as to reduce pain and swelling as much as clinically possible. We advise on the best dietary methods to support immune function, as well as to avoid furthering the infection.

Nutritionally speaking, once symptoms are under a degree of control, we discuss the step of rebuilding the tissues that have been damaged due to borreliosis. We have 8700 nutritional products of the highest quality, and with our clinical experience we attempt the best match of targeted supplements to each client’s history and complaint list, rather than a broad-spectrum and less than satisfactory nutritional approach.

For more information or to set up an initial consultation, please phone us on 217-446-7279 to set up a consultation.