Lyme Disease Shirts & Accesories - I LOVE my Lyme Awareness Shirt! When I am feeling down, I put it on and I am ready to fight! Thank you for all you do!
— Cat Seven - Lyme Warrior since 2015

Lyme Warrior Shirts

Lyme Warrior logo shirts are an affordable, simple way to show your style anywhere you go.

Comes in Crew or V-neck in a varity of colors.

Lyme Warrior Hoodie

We aren't fair-weather warriors so we brought a jacket.

3 styles available in Zip Up or Pull Over.

Never Give Up Tank Top

"Never Give Up" Tank Top

It's okay to rest but never give up. Grab a soft light-weight tank top to have a reminder in green, charcoal, or maroon. Also great for working out.

Check out the back of the tank top for our favorite part!

"Fuck Lyme" Shirt

Some days you just have to say it like it is.

Fuck Lyme - End the Pandemic shirts come in crew neck or v-neck in a variety of colors.

"I did not choose" Women's Lyme Awareness Shirt

I did not choose: pain, and exhaustion, loss of my independence, to pass it to my unborn child, to suffer financially, a disease who's existence is denied, a disease not covered by my insurance, to be told I was not sick, just crazy, to be isolated, misunderstood, and ignored to be a burden to those who care for me, to miss birthdays, weddings, and nights out, to expose the people I love to my disease, for my children to suffer with a disease I gave them, for my life to revolve around this disease, to be judged for a disease I do not want.
I did not choose this battle, but I did choose to be a Warrior.

Arrow Raglan Lyme Warrior Shirt

These super soft baseball arrow shirts are a great way to subltly show your Lyme Warrior pride. Represent in style.

"I love this shirt! Its so soft and I feel good wearing it knowing it supports Lyme Disease research."


Lyme Warrior Leggings

Soft Bella Canvas leggings are awesome for 10ks or couch 10ks. Lounge or go, these are comfortable and great for a different way to show Lyme Disease Awareness.

"These things are so comfy!"

Lyme Won't Sink Me Lyme Warrior Shirt V-neck

Lyme Won't Sink Me V-Neck Shirts

Lyme Warrior Anchor fitted shirts are lightweight and soft. Show your Lyme Warrior style in mint, lavender, or grey. Form fitted for our hot lady warriors!

Get the combo with the LW tote bag for savings!

Lyme Warrior Canvas Tote Bag

This heavy duty cotton, canvas Lyme Disease tote is great for massive medical records, yoga mats, over night bag, or as a pill carrier. It can hold a large variety of bulky items. Comes with leather fasteners and handles for durability. Velcro catch inside to keep your items locked down.

"This thing is perfect! It fit all my medical records in it AND it didn't break like other kinds!"

Measures 15" x 19-1/2" x 7"

Lyme Warrior Lyme Disease Awareness Wristbands

Lyme Warrior Awareness Wristbands

The most affordable way to show your warrior spirit, stock up on green and black Lyme Warrior wristbands for all occasions!

Grab 1 or 100 to share and spread Lyme awareness everywhere.

Lyme Disease Button Fuck Lyme

Lyme Warrior Buttons

Put a button on your Warrior spirit. Buttons come in 2.25 inch and 1.25 inch. Show a classy logo or F*ck Lyme for special days when Lyme needs a big F U.



Color Changing Lyme Warrior Cup

Lyme Warrior Color Changing Cups

These 16oz stadium color changing cups are fun for kids and adult kids at heart. Cup goes from clear to aqua/green with cold liquids or ice.

Pair with other products or buy a few for a discount.

Lyme Warrior Car Decal

Lyme Warrior Decal

This high quality vinyl will show your warrior spirit for a LONG time. Comes in two sizes for big or small warrior pride.

Men Fight Lyme Disease Shirt

"Real Men Fight Lyme" Men's Lyme Disease Awareness Shirt

Male warriors are strong and usually silent, but still warriors none the less. "All men are created equal but only the strong survive" front design with our signature arrows, for the strongest of male Lyme Warriors.

Chronic Illness Decals

Lyme Disease Car Decals

These decals are for those with plenty of sass. High quality vinyl will last through any road rage or the many years of sass.

Grab one or all three for a discount.

Hot Cold Masks for Lyme

Lyme Warrior Recharging Hot Cold Mask

Alternate between hot and cold compresses with this versatile gel bead bag. Mask can be frozen for soothing cold or microwaved for heat. Inside is covered in plush fabric for comfort with a adjustable, stretchy head strap.