12 Gift Ideas for a Lyme Warrior

Knowing how to help or what to get your friends or family who are battling Lyme Disease can be hard. When it comes to the holiday season, it can get down right tough. Here is this year’s list of great gift ideas for the Lymie in your life.


1. Patience and understanding. Sometimes we want to come, but our bodies just won’t let us. So we cancel, a lot. Other times, we just need an ear or a shoulder to lean on, without judgment. You would be surprised how often this gift is overlooked!

2. A large infuser water bottle. We do a lot of detox so we drink gallons of lemon water. You can find BPA free plastic and glass ones on Amazon for between $13-$22. Don’t for get to set Lyme Warrior as your Amazon Smile charity. https://smile.amazon.com/Live-Infinitely-Infuser-Water-Bottles/dp/B06ZZKGJM7/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1543550481&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=large+infuser+water+bottle&psc=1

PEMF for Lyme

3. Charmed fir mat or a pemf fir mat: They help with warmth, detox and easing our aches and pains. Plus a 2 year warranty so its the gift that continues to give for a very long time. http://lymewarrior.us/shop/mini-far-infrared-amethyst-and-tourmaline-mat

4. A weighted blanket. They help to keep our bodies warm when we’re cold and the weight can help relieve pain and anxiety. https://www.target.com/p/12lb-weighted-throw-blanket-tranquility/-/A-53693401?preselect=53691544#lnk=sametab

Lyme Warrior Hoodie

5. Cozy Lyme Warrior gear like a hoodie or sweat pants—sometimes we have trouble with our temperature fluctuating and these are so warm and soft. Perfect for sensitive skin, chills and representing! http://lymewarrior.us/shop/

6. Gift cards: Instacart or other food delivery services. Sometimes our stomach says, “I’m starving!” but our bodies say, “Oh, Hell no.”  (Check to see what’s available in your area. If nothing, then offer to pick up the items on your friend’s grocery list yourself a few times. You’d be amazed how taxing a trip to the store can be for us. Other good ones are: Amazon so we can get the comfort or medical items we need, or even our supplements. Supplement shops, also, Audible, iTunes, Netflix or other movie or music type distractions.

7. Meal Service gift card or discuss a menu with your friend and help them meal prep. Cooking is A LOT of work! Help ease the burden with the simple gift of meals.

8. Housekeeping services: whether through a service or your own help (with safe, all natural cleaners, of course.)

9. Safe, natural and non-toxic lotions, soaps, bath salts or make-up. Check out ewg.org for more info if you are unsure about ingredients! Avoid fragrances, phalates, heavy metals (common in lipsticks and eyeshadows), etc.

10. Basket of gluten free/sugar free goodies; teas, candy, snacks-of course be aware of any other sensitivities your friend may have. Teas also have many medicinal qualities so check with your friend if there’s anything they are using that they need!

11. Air purifying plants or Salt lamps. Both help purify the air and remove toxins. Snake plants, spider plants, succulents, etc all make great additions that help remove flame-retardant, radiation, and other common household toxins from your home.

12. CASH!!! for help with medical expenses. Try as we might to make ends meet, somethings gotta give. We pay for most, if not all, of our medical needs out of pocket and that adds up quickly. While money is thought to be a thoughtless gift, it truly goes a long way for those struggling.