Siblings in Oregon with Lyme Disease

At Lyme Warrior, we strive to show all sides of Lyme Disease. Here is the story of two children facing Lyme Disease and just part of their battle.

Skyler and Shivon both have what is believed to be Congenital Lyme Disease. They were both born early, (both pregnancies were very rough on Mom and baby) testing positive for Babesia and Boriella. 

Skyler was diagnosed at 4 years old and Shivon at just 1 year. Living in Oregon, they both love playing outside and be as active as 2 children should, but have had a tough time with this as their time outdoors and their activity levels had to be limited due to their disabling symptoms and pain. 

A bad day is disabling and can be hard to explain as a child...... 

Kids with Lyme Disease

My son prayed to die at only 5 years old, he wanted to sleep forever and not feel the pain anymore. His temper tantrums and uncontrolled emotions are, at times, unbearable. Being his parent and knowing
this wasn't my child's fault, while watching these tantrums take place, but any outsider seeing these happen could think that if I only disciplined my son, these outbursts and tantrums wouldn't happen, that couldn't be any further from the truth!

 As treatment continues, the bad days aren't as many, and they do get easier and more manageable, thankfully. 

Our "new normal" is still hard to navigate, still tough to function.  There seems to be a" fight" at each corner, in the attempt to get everyone on board in advocating for my son's treatment plan and education. Thankfully, we have found a few resources to help but generally we have very little support and  it's a beautiful miracle of love, when we do get an outpouring of love and support from the Lyme community. The battle to health is a hard road to go alone, but with other Lyme advocates we feel less alone. 

Our load is big but we will get through it together, and  with the help of our few amazing supporters! Skyler is now 8 years old and Shivon is 4. They are able to play and be active better than before! Though they are still continuing to work with some disabling symptoms as memory issues and pain, their symptoms are nothing like before! They are both currently in remission negative for Babesia, which is a HUGE improvement from where they were just a few years ago. They are still dealing with positive Lyme symptoms on a daily basis, and every day does bring on a different challenge as Lyme can ebb and flow, they, along with their parents are determined to continue to gain health, reach a level of normalcy and do so by any means necessary!


Children with Lyme Disease