Kid's Lyme Prevention Education Program

Kid's Lyme Prevention Education Program

Lyme Disease awareness is crucial to prevention. The more people are aware of Lyme Disease the more they can prevent transmission of the disease and receive treatment early if contracted. Lyme Warrior is giving children directly affected by Lyme a chance to educate their communities.

It’s one thing to hear facts and statistics, but to hear a story from a personal experienced is different. We want children who have battled Lyme to be able to share, in their own words, what Lyme is and how to prevent others from going through the same experience.

Young warriors, wanting to participate, will receive a presentation kit complete with Ticks N All wipes, TickEase tweezers, and a presentation to help them teach their peers and community proper tick prevention and removal techniques. Beyond spreading awareness, young warriors will also get some cool gifts from Lyme Warrior for participating.

We hope that by teaching prevention, kids and parents alike will become more educated about the seriousness of Lyme and how they can help protect themselves, children, and pets and use these tools daily to try to stop the spreading of this disease. Additionally, we hope this information prompts others to learn about Lyme and help join our fight for a cure.

One person might not be able to make a difference to the whole world, but to prevent just one person from having to face the hardship of Lyme is a victory in itself.

Lyme Warrior Kid’s Education Program is for any child who wants to bring awareness to their community. If you or your young warrior is interested in spreading prevention awareness click on the link below to apply for a presentation kit.