Why we love opossums enough to put them on a patch.

With 50 teeth and a hairless tail, some people may find our mini Lyme Warrior less than desirable, but we think he's absolutely adorable. His superhero cape was well earned as he's one of the key players in lowering the tick population. This is important because, as many of you know, ticks spread Lyme disease and other co-infections to humans and dogs through their bite. As the tick population continues to bloom, the number of those infected is increasing rapidly.

Opossums are here to help us though! These marsupials are opportunistic feeders and omnivores. They spend a lot of time foraging in tall grassy areas at night and end up with many ticks in their fur. They are thorough groomers that can even groom their faces in the same manner as cats. They consume 90-95 percent of the ticks found on their bodies which can be as many as 4,000 a week according to the National Wildlife Federation's blog. Can you see why he's Lyme Warrior's superhero and unofficial mascot?

We've copied his likeness onto a patch so all the world can see his greatness. Patches are iron on so stick them on fabric surfaces to share his greatness with the world.

Creative ways to use the iron-on Opossum patch:

Jacket and vest decoration

Tablet and laptop case

Back of cell phone case

Cosmetic or pencil pouches

Adhere to cover of a journal with double stick tape or glue

Tote bag

Decorative pillow case

DYI wall art

Backpack or purse