Adam's Fight with Lyme

Adam had just turned 6 years old.....A month into 6 years old, he came down with what, I thought, was the stomach flu. He was starting to get a headache, a fever over 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), developing neck pain, and sound and light sensitivity. Despite fever-reducing, he was still in so much pain, we couldn't even have the lights on.  He did not eat, wasn't hungry or able to, and we were forcing him to drink fluids through a straw, something terribly wrong with my son.

Kids and Lyme Disease

For 4 long days, he just lay down ---all the symptoms were the same. It was then I decided to take him to children´s hospital. On a Sunday around midnight, we met with the emergency doctor and he performed a routine check of our son, to see if his life was in danger but it was not. The doctor then sent a referral to the specialist care section of the hospital, after that he sent us home, despite signs of meningitis. 

It was scary because my 6 year old who had never complained, the pain in his head literally took over his life. He was miserable and in agony. But nevertheless, we went home. He slept from time to time. Monday the special care section called us to book an appointment,

He was getting worse and worse! When we finally got back to the hospital, the day of Adam's appointment to see the doctor, she told us that he would have to go through a lumbar puncture, or spinal tap. At that point, I was crying. I did not know what to do. When it was time for the test, his father and aunt went with him in the room---I could not attend. I could not stand to see him go through this. When the test was complete, we waited to see the doctor again. 

The answer I had been dreading days prior was now my living nightmare--- meningitis virus. Again, the hospital sent us home because they stated that "this virus would heal itself."  My son was getting worse, and nothing, or no one was helping him. He always wanted someone to press his head, all time---it was like the pain fainted for a bit. I felt like I was losing him. Everyone around me kept telling me it was a virus and it´s going to heal by itself--let it run its course. But his vision changed and his symptoms were worsening by the day.

On Friday, we got a call from the hospital saying that it was not a virus but, instead, a bacteria--our son had sickened into neuroborreliosis meningitis the infection was borrelia burgdorferi. I felt so angry, sad and powerless at the same time. 

I helped my son to get dressed because he could not do it himself any longer and we went back to the hospital. As soon as we got there, Adam was set for an entry for intravenous antibiotic treatment for 10 days. That night he and his father slept at the hospital because I refused to be sent home again. It was an insane 10 days. His symptoms remained the same throughout treatment and he did not get better. For 9 days we went back and forth to the hospital for his treatment. Day 10, when the treatment was complete, it felt like our little boy just got worse. 

We explained this to the doctor treating Adam and the response we received was "but it´s only symptoms, they will go away by themselves." 

Though he did not die, thankfully, he changed......and I am scared that maybe his going to die. 2 years later, he is still untreated and is still fighting!