Move Over “Red Solo Cup”

By Melissa Gaidosh:

Everybody’s heard of the red solo cup, made infamous by the Toby Keith song of that title. The song extolls the virtues of the ubiquitous red plastic cup found at all events involving drinking alcohol and brings to mind fun, care-free times. But I've found a cup that kicks red solo to the curb!

I'm speaking of the mighty, clear plastic, BPA free, reusable, color changing Lyme Warrior cup. This little cup makes you feel like a Warrior when drinking even the nastiest of Lyme killing concoctions. Or simply fill it with your cold lemon detox water and admire as the color of the cup changes to a lovely greenish shade.

This cup is admired and coveted by kids and adults. It is desirable to Lymies and non-Lymies alike, including a former 80’s rockstar. Recently, Mr. Brooke St. James eagerly filled his new cup with ice and his favorite beverage to sip on during the second set of his band’s show. It sat proudly on stage throughout the entire set, the lovely greenish tint of the cold cup visible by the stage lighting. Every sip revealed the Lyme Warrior logo and hopefully made a few people stop and think about Lyme disease. I know it did for Mr. St. James.

Next time you need a little pick me up and rum and coke is no longer an option, grab a Lyme Warrior cup and fill it up with a nice cold beverage! Bask in the lovely green glow of this color changing vessel. Drink in the strength of a warrior with your next cup of cold lemon water or Alka Seltzer Gold. Stock up on this clever cup while it's available and you'll always be able to drink like a Lyme Warrior!