Lyme Won't Sink Me

By Amy Hojnacki

The day I wore my Anchor "Lyme Won't Sink Me" shirt to my electrophysiologist appointment, I needed courage. I wore that shirt like a Kevlar bullet proof vest. I was anxious because of my experiences with medical professionals in the past who didn't believe in Chronic Lyme. Wearing this shirt made me feel like all my Lyme Warriors were with me. It reminded me I am never alone in this fight.

There's more than one way to perceive the meaning of an anchor besides "sinking". It is a multifaceted symbol of strength and steadfastness; a proud symbol of something we can count on to keep us grounded and safe from drifting off at sea. Sailors like the connection this symbol has to stability and strength. Putting down an anchor represented the safe end of a long journey, and it's a Victorian symbol for hope.

 With most situations in life, perspective is what will save us. Lyme disease is not a choice, but for hundreds of thousands of people, it is a daily reality. We can choose to let our limitations define us, sinking us with doubt, fear, sadness, and anger or we can change our perspective. Either it's a symbol of hope or a symbol of decent into darkness. It's our choice.

I proudly wear my "Lyme Won't Sink Me" Shirt as a mantra for my well-being, to advocate for others, and to spread awareness. I also wear it in protest of every hardship Lyme patients and their families have to endure daily. Together we keep each other afloat; tethered to hope and the belief that we are making a difference.