What do pillows have to do with Lyme disease?

Many, many moons ago when Lyme Warrior was born… ok fine, a year ago, Lauren, founder of Lyme Warrior, began sewing together bits of various green fabrics to create quilted pillows that would hold more meaning to one then just comfort.

Heart Pillows

With no knowledge on how to quilt, she went to a family friend and insisted on learning how. Shortly after, her vision began to take place. The assorted shades and pieces of green fabrics that were used to make the pillows and something special for her fellow Lyme patients, soon came together.

Are they perfect? Definitely not, however they are each hand-made with love and support.

Lauren created little pockets on the back of each pillow, with the idea and hope that gifts could be placed in them.
Then began boxing up 25 hand-sewn pillows with bags of gifts stuffed in them and mailed them to 25 special individuals battling Lyme across the country, from Maine to California.

What turned out to be the most special about these gifts was that they kept on giving.

Lyme Warrior Heart Pillow

Embroidered across the back was the phrase “Share a Heart”, a caption that was also used as the title of the project. The concept was that Lyme warriors would receive their pillows and gifts, enjoy the love, support and comfort they granted to each recipient for as long as they needed, then create their own gift bag to pass on with the pillow to another warrior who was also in search of all they too once needed.

Over a year later, and these pillows are STILL in circulation, being passed across the country from Warrior to Warrior. 

However, what happens when you don’t want to give up your pillow?

For this instance, Lyme Warrior created self-titled “Lyme Warrior” pillows so that you can have one of your own forever.

Check them out here.


Heart Pillow