Why we love opossums enough to put them on a patch.

Opossums are here to help us though! These marsupials are opportunistic feeders and omnivores. They spend a lot of time foraging in tall grassy areas at night and end up with many ticks in their fur. They are thorough groomers that can even groom their faces in the same manner as cats. They consume 90-95 percent of the ticks found on their bodies which can be as many as 4,000 a week according to the National Wildlife Federation's blog. Can you see why he's Lyme Warrior's superhero and unofficial mascot?

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Adam's Fight with Lyme

Adam had just turned 6 years old.....A month into 6 years old, he came down with what, I thought, was the stomach flu. He was starting to get a headache, a fever over 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), developing neck pain, and sound and light sensitivity. Despite fever-reducing, he was still in so much pain, we couldn't even have the lights on.  He did not eat, wasn't hungry or able to, and we were forcing him to drink fluids through a straw, something terribly wrong with my son.

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Siblings in Oregon with Lyme Disease

At Lyme Warrior, we strive to show all sides of Lyme Disease. Here is the story of two children facing Lyme Disease and just part of their battle.

Skyler and Shivon both have what is believed to be Congenital Lyme Disease. They were both born early, (both pregnancies were very rough on Mom and baby) testing positive for Babesia and Boriella. 

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