How to Grieve Your Life Before Lyme Disease: 9 Ways to Process Pain into Power

We can get so caught up in treatments and pressing forward that the topic of Self-Grief, (the process of grieving your “former” self) is a rarely spoken about issue within the Lyme Disease, Chronic Pain and Illness communities. Many people frequently experience hardship over not feeling like their self that they used to be. They cannot do the same hobbies, have the same friends, etc. However, if you allow yourself to go on this journey of self-grieving; you often will end up learning your own goals and true self better than you ever could imagine.

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Why we love opossums enough to put them on a patch.

Opossums are here to help us though! These marsupials are opportunistic feeders and omnivores. They spend a lot of time foraging in tall grassy areas at night and end up with many ticks in their fur. They are thorough groomers that can even groom their faces in the same manner as cats. They consume 90-95 percent of the ticks found on their bodies which can be as many as 4,000 a week according to the National Wildlife Federation's blog. Can you see why he's Lyme Warrior's superhero and unofficial mascot?

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Never Give Up

You hear these words used every day and for many reasons. Anyone struggling with anything hears them: trouble with a subject in school, with a sport, a relationship, a new and unfamiliar task, virtually anything. As a medical professional, I used to say them to my patients every day for a number of reasons as well.

Ever since my Lyme Diagnosis, these words have taken on a whole new meaning, something bigger, with much more meaning than I have ever thought that they could be. Even more so than myself sometimes!

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