Meyers Cocktail for Lyme disease:

Named after Dr. John Meyers, a physician from Maryland who popularized using IV nutrients to help combat chronic conditions and related ailments. The Meyers cocktail is a vitamin infusion, or nutrient cocktail, composed of several B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and other various good things. The exact cocktail may vary depending on the preferences of the doctor administering it.

The cocktail works by increasing the blood concentration of vitamins and minerals and helping kickstart the absorption process of the cells in the body which in turn helps kickstart the immune systems response. This happens with infusions at a much higher and efficient rate then when supplements are used orally. The effects of the Meyers cocktail should help improve several symptoms related to Lyme and coinfections; such as fatigue, joint pain, inflammation, etc.


PROS: It is non-toxic in the sense that its purpose is to serve the body and build up the good guys, not meant to kill or harm in any way. Some patients may see an energy boost that lasts for days to weeks. Could cause a dramatic drop in symptoms.

CONS: Evidence proving its effectiveness is mostly anecdotal. Not, or very infrequently, covered by insurance. Is considered Alternative medicine, so getting a mainstream doctor to prescribe this could be tricky. It also may not be something that is available locally. May not be effective for everyone. Some patients have harsh reactions if unable to proccess the influx of vitamins.