Open Doors

For the past 3 years, Lyme Warrior has been working to fund research through grassroots fundraising and it is time for us to give the community the support it deserves.

Lyme Warrior needs $4,000 to gain access to a research and development database that will open doors for us to:

  1. Fund significantly larger and more research initiatives.

  2. Fund a patient care program to help offset medical costs for Lyme patients

  3. Start a housing community for Lyme patients in need.

The available grant support is:

  • 1 MILLION in research support

  • 1/2 a million in patient care support

  • 8 MILLION in housing community support.

4 Ways to donate!

1. Credit card donation (Click here)

2. Check or money order made to Lyme Warrior mailed to: 228 Givens Branch Trail. Newport, VA 24128

3. Paypal Lyme Warrior here

Thank you so much for your support and making it possible for us to change the lives of millions in the Lyme community!


As a small token of our gratitude, any donation over $50 will get a custom event keychain to show that you supported Lyme Warrior expansion!