Lyme Warrior is a team of sick people fighting for better treatment, testing, and understanding of Lyme Disease. 

When I became sick, it took me years to get a correct diagnosis even after taking Lyme tests that gave me false negatives. After a diagnosis, treatment was disabling. I am still fighting to get my health back and the health of thousand of others.

We are fighting for research, awareness, and impoverished Lyme Warriors.

Research funds are granted at every chance. Allocation is decided by a selection process from our team. You can see and get involved in our awareness campaigns under our campaigns link above.

Currently, all members of Lyme Warrior are unpaid and working hard solely for a cause we believe in. We would love to have others join us in our fight and to make necessary changes for Lyme Disease. Click HERE to get involved!    


Lyme Warrior Fighters

Lauren Lovejoy - Founder & President

From Grad Student, workaholic, and crossfit enthusiast to bed bound from Lyme, Lauren holds a Masters in Analytics and has years of experience in promotion and the legal field. She is working to empower those with Lyme Disease and help others to join together to make change while still fighting her personal battle with Lyme Disease. 

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Lauren Lovejoy Lyme Warrior Lyme Disease
Lydia Aimone Lyme Disease Education

Lydia Aimone - Outreach & Development Coordinator

Lydia is an animal rights enthusiast, dancer, and enjoys living life to the fullest. Even though Lyme Disease has set her life back by a few years, she is not letting that stop her from doing what she loves most - advocating for people who need help. Lydia holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Anthropology, and is pursuing a career in the non profit world.

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Anna Roper - Design & Communications Administrator

Before Lyme Disease changed her life, Anna was active in her community and simply loved being around people. She was a ballet dancer for 11 years growing up, then went to college as a flutist and music performance major. Lyme took over her body and forced her to make the difficult decision to drop out of college before the end of her junior year. She is currently in treatment to rid her body of these devastating infections. Anna resides in the Metro-Detroit area, and is passionate about Lyme Disease awareness and prevention.

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Anna Roper LymeUncensored Lyme Uncensored

Michele Morgen - Education Development Consultant

Michelle lives in North Carolina with her husband, daughter and fur babies. She is passionate about clean eating and helping coach people to eat clean, as well as how to create a healthy home with using environmentally, safe, non toxic products. She has written several children's books and articles, and has worked in the area of talent analysis and development for many years. Michelle contracted Lyme disease in fall 2015. Even with a quick diagnosis and aggressive treatment, she found herself in a confusing world, where little information was available to her. It is her goal to be a voice of hope for the Lyme community and to raise awareness about this debilitating illness.