Donations to Lyme Disease research:

Lyme Warrior is still a young organization but we are so proud of the donations we have made to research. We will continue to update who we have donated to as we are able to make donations.
To date, we have donated $51,800 to chronic Lyme research and $18,000 to Lyme patients in crisis.

  • Yuko Nakajima – In June 2019, we were able to contribute $10,000 to Yuko Nakajima’s research aimed at finding a new therapy to allow our immune system to naturally clear Borrelia from our bodies by blocking their ability to evade our immune system. Check out more about Yuko here.

  • Eva Sapi - After Ink to End Lyme 2017, we donated $4,000.00 to Eva Sapi's research team at the University of New Haven and $12,000.00 after Ink to End Lyme 2018 and $18,000.00 after Ink to End Lyme 2019. This team studies combination antibiotic protocols, herbal options, and more. This team has lead the way on new studies involving bio-films, alternative treatments, and more.
    Check out her studies here!

  • NutriGenetic Research - NutriGenetic Research Institute is a private organization founded by Robert Miller, CTN, in 2015 to research and publish reports on the relationship between genetic variants, labs and presenting symptoms. Bob lectures at nationwide seminars to educate physicians and health care practitioners about genetic variants and nutritional supplementation for achieving optimal health. Lyme Warrior donated $3,000 to their research efforts after Massage Away Lyme 2018.
    Check out their multi-phase research study on Genetics and Chronic Lyme Disease “Higher Levels of Genetic Variants (SNPs) Found in those with Chronic Lyme Disease”. Also listen to Bob's insightful interview about Lyme patients here.

  • Leslie Taylor, ND - Leslie survived a rare form of leukemia by following alternative and herbal medicinal therapies. A practicing herbalist and naturopath, Dr. Taylor has been researching, studying, and documenting herbal medicine for more than twenty years. Dr. Taylor lectures and teaches classes worldwide in naturopathic medicine, herbal medicine, ethnobotany, and environmental and sustainability issues and is responsible for the use of many herbs used in Lyme protocols today. After Ink to End Lyme 2017, we donated $4,000.00 to her research efforts.

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Lyme disease research
Lyme Disease herbal research

To Lyme Disease Patient Care:

We are so proud to say that, to date, we have donated $18,000 to Lyme patient care. Patient care programs are the core of where we are able to give back to our Lyme community. Ticked Off Foundation gives to people who have becoming impoverished by Lyme disease by paying for their treatment methods or assisting with emergency funds in extreme circumstances.