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Ways to get involved!

  1. Enter Our Pet Halloween Photo Contest! Winner collects half of the total entry fees!

  2. Grab one of our fundraising bundles!

  3. Buy a Paws for Lyme Calendar!

Many other animals, besides humans, deal with Lyme disease. We want to showcase our furry dog friends in not only their Lyme battle, but how they support us in our battle.

Lyme Warrior will be teaming up with Illinois Bird Dog rescue who rescues a variety of dogs who face tick-borne illnesses and rehabilitate them back to health! While rescues always are underfunded, the additional costs of IBR rescues from Lyme are significantly higher and we hope to help them on their fantastic mission!

All proceeds from Paws for Lyme will be split 50/50 to Lyme research and treatment for Lyme infected dogs at IBR.

Paws for Lyme bundles are a great way to grab some cool swag and fund a pups recovery!

Click any of the images below to see how you can help!

Pet Halloween Photo Contest!

Want to enter our pawsatively adorable photo contest?  Here's how it works!

Submit your pets photo with this link. Entries are $5 per entry. Winners will be chosen via social media voting. The photo that wins will be awarded 50% of all entry funds! The other 50% will be split between Illinois Birddog Rescue and Lyme Warrior.

All photos must be submitted by October 20, 2018 @ 12pm.

Lyme Disease Dogs

Illinois Bird Dog Rescue rehabilitates dogs like Olivia here. She was found in an awful, malnourished state,  heartworm positive , and dealing with complications by tick borne disease. In just a few months she has begun to regain her hair, her energy, and happiness.

We want to help IBR bring love and care to even more dogs in need!

Help us fight Lyme disease for ourselves and our 4 legged friends.

Paws for Lyme Calendar

We are pawsatively proud of our Paws for Lyme calendar! Features dogs fighting Lyme, helping their owners fight Lyme, or Lyme advocates! 50% of proceeds will go to Lyme research & 50% will go to treatment for dogs fighting Lyme at Illinois Birddog Rescue.

We have a calendar coming soon of our pups affected by Lyme!
Perfect for holiday gifts or that someone you know who can't get enough cute dogs!

In the mean time, check out Printing Center USA for calendar or booklet printing!