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Lymeology is articles, tips, & tricks to surviving Lyme life.

Been bitten by a tick?

If you are bitten by a tick, use tweezers to grip it by the head or as close as possible and in a smooth motion pull the tick from the skin. Clean the effected area.

Never burn, squeeze, smother or agitate the tick in any way. This will increase the chance of microbe transmission.

Send the tick for testing. Here is some locations.

Requirements for Tick Testing: Ticks WILL NOT be tested if placed in formalin or on tape.

Place tick in a ziplock bag, then into a padded envelope or crushproof container.

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Lyme Disease Symptoms

The tricky thing about Lyme Disease is that symptoms can be anything. Here are just a few of the many for Early Lyme and Chronic.


Fatigue, Headache, Rash, Fever, Sweats, Chills, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Sleep Issues, Cognitive Impairment, Nephropathy, Depression, Cardiac Issues, etc

Only 50% of Lyme patients remember a tick bite and less had a classic Bull's Eye rash.

You can also check out symptom checker list.


Lyme Disease Test

Igenex is currently considered the most reliable test but still may give false negatives. To order a Igenex kit:

Go to to the website, look for a box labeled “order kit- patient”, select this box. A new page will appear titled, “Patient Specimen Collection Kit Request”. This page will describe the contents of the kits. Fill out the form on this page to have a test kit sent to you for free. After your kit arrives you will need to take the kit to a licensed healthcare provider who is legally able to order lab work in your state. You will need to prepay for requested labs, payment must be included with specimens that are sent to Igenex. You can submit the charges to private insurance for possible reimbursement. Igenex will bill Medicare Part B, but this is the only insurance they will bill directly.

Best Lyme Disease test

 Just got diagnosed with Chronic Lyme, what now?

Download our guide to what we wish we had known when first diagnosed.

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Hint! Its Lyme Disease, not Lymes Disease.


Looking for financial assistance with Treatment or Testing? Check out the list from Lyme Disease Challenge.

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