Shoemaker Protocol for CIRS/Biotoxins (Mold)

This protocol involves 12 steps and must be followed in the order given ( Think of it like a pool--you want to treat the water but you have to know what's in the water to treat successfully. See photo below for the process. I have included two quotes that convinced me in addition to my physicians referral to the process. The prescription to rid the body of these biotoxins is cholestyramine, or CSM. I've listed the pros and cons for each of the protocols I personally experienced as well as what is indicated. CSM:

Pros: Detoxifies the body Removes cholesterol from the body Eliminates amylose and starches from diet and causes weight loss Removes mold toxins from the body and Lyme toxins Can be compounded to use Stevia Covered by insurance if not compounded Light has orange flavor A binder that doesn't add anything to your system*

Cons: Light Contains nutrasweet Regular contains sugar Causes reflux and gas Powdery drink Can damage teeth Causes nausea and constipation Interferes with Levothyroxine Must wait 30 minutes to eat Cannot take with other medications/supplements Can be very expensive if not covered by insurance People have found the compounded version to be "bad" Time consuming Powder sticks to teeth Have to drink it all and lots of water LAB WORK Genetic test;

Pros: Shows results for mold susceptibility Monitors progress from treatment Cons: Expensive test May not be fully covered by insurance Test not always performed correctly/scores skewed Environmental test; Pros: Can identify where, if any mold is in your environment Some companies offer clean up Some companies take samples and send to lab for you You can rent the pump and cartridges for $25 and $55 (10 cartridges) and lab fee is $125 with a 2 week turnaround time

Cons: Can be expensive when done by some companies Time consuming if doing it yourself Must be repeated Major clean up can be costly Some people must move out of their homes leaving everything

Overall I am finding that the physical symptoms are manageable, such as tinnitus (ringing in the ears), sinusitis, neck pain, (all previous symptoms) as well as the nausea, gas and bloating. Each person will experience an increase in symptoms while being treated at some point as a result of the medications effectiveness. After a few weeks or more, they are expected to subside and the person should begin to feel better. I'm finding that strict adherence to a amylose free diet is helping with my symptoms as well. **The treatment of choice for CIRS is Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker’s 11 Step Biotoxin Removal Protocol (see figure 1). While there are many practitioners, each with their own “proprietary” treatment plan, caring for these patients, only Dr. Shoemaker has performed prospective trials and published his protocol in peer reviewed journals. He is THE pioneer in this field, he created the science AND the treatments. Most every breakthrough in our understanding of CIRS and the care of patients has come through him. Further, I have been to his office, seen how he collects data, seen how he makes clinical decisions and seen how he conducts his research. He is methodical, meticulous, contemplative and systematic in his approach toward everything. Only one step at a time, one change at a time, then re-evaluate. Evidence Based Medicine defines his approach. Finally, my own data, collected since 2010, shows similar results to his. The treatment protocol is simple to understand, yet strict adherence is required in the treatment sequence. Variations have been attempted and substitutions have been tried. It is critically important to follow the pathway to health in the order it illustrates.

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