Ink to End Lyme 2018

We raised $12,000 for research!

Ink to End Lyme is a national event in which tattoo shops donate a day to Lyme research.

Shops host flash days, auctions, or a variety of other events with proceeds benefiting research for a cure or improved treatment.

Ink to End Lyme 2018

Tattoos for Lyme Disease

Thank you to the artists, volunteers, and participants for another amazing year!

$12,000 will be donated to the amazing Eva Sapi at New Haven for her continued work into better treatments and a cure for chronic Lyme disease.

Check out our video below of some of the amazing work!

Ink to End Lyme

Thanks Fox61 for the segment on Shelton Tattoo Ink to End Lyme.

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Here are just a few of the many amazing artist participating in 2018.

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