Muscle Testing As An Additional Therapy for Lyme Disease Patients

 If you are struggling with Lyme disease symptoms and not seeing good health returning, you may want to look into muscle testing.

 Simply put, muscle testing a method of assessing your body and organs’ strengths and weaknesses.  Based in Chinese medicinal practices, your body is energy and reacts and interacts with the energy of everything around it.  As a result, your body and organs can become weakened over time when coming in contact with negative energy sources. However, through muscle testing, your practitioner can help determine which organs are strong or weak as well as compounds your body reacts to positively or negatively. From there, you can streamline your supplement intake, eliminate harmful compounds, and take more definitive action against Lyme.

 A holistic practitioner familiar with muscle testing is one person you can find to do this on you.  Remember this is in addition to other strategies to help you heal and should be done under the close supervision of the practitioner.  This is not a method for eradicating Lyme, but rather a strategy to help promote your body a better state of wellness.

 When being tested, you will be lying down or sitting up.  The practitioner will have you raise one arm to channel the energy through your body to various organs.  He or she will then touch other organs starting from the top of your head and moving to your torso and other pressure points in your legs.  If you arm moves, the organ is weak.  If it stays up, the organ is strong.

 Your practitioner can also put various bottled compounds on your stomach and test those to see which ones are helpful or harmful to your body.  If you arm moves, the compound is not helpful to your body.  However, If your arm stays in place, the compound is helpful to your body. 

 As a first experience, muscle testing seems unbelievable and maybe even ‘out there’ if you are only used to Western medicinal practices. .  But by having an open mind and body, you can easily see how your body does tell you what it needs.  Based on your body’s responses to the muscle test, your practitioner may advise adding or deleting supplements from your regime as well as tell you what compounds your body is reacting to like fungi, mercury or cheese.

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