Rife for Lyme Disease

What it is: Royal Ramond Rife, a scientist and inventor, invented the Rife Machine in the 1930’s. Interest was regained in the Rife Machine after a book about using a Rife Machine to cure cancer was published. The Rife Machine is a frequency-generating machine, which generates a “beam ray.” It works on the premise that every bacteria/organism resonates at a certain frequency. The Rife Machine is programmed to the specific frequency of the bacteria/organism you want to kill; and by projecting the beam at that frequency, destroys the bacteria/organism.

There are several different styles and kinds of rife machines available. Some work like a light, where the person sits nearby, and it projects a beam out into the room. Other versions have hand-held metal rods or ray tubes that are used, as well as footplates (some units have either hand held rods or footplates; some have both). Rife machines range in cost from $500 to $5000 and up. Some units come with built in LED’s for added health benefits.


This machine can be used for both “killing” and also “supportive” frequencies. In other words, it can be used to kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc., but can also be used to support the body in areas such as general healing, collagen building, various types of pain, depression, etc. This treatment can be used for Borrelia (Lyme bacteria) and all associated Lyme Disease co-infections, such as Babesia, Bartonella, and Erlichia. This treatment can be used for Candida (yeast overgrowth), viruses, parasites, and a very wide number of other ailments; from general to very specific. For this reason, some consider it a virtual “medicine cabinet.” This treatment can be used be used at home, and is also offered at some Lyme treatment clinics. Rife machines can be used for both children and adults. This treatment does not damage the gut, as this is a risk of some other anti-microbial treatments for Lyme Disease, such as oral antibiotics. Thus, the rife machine is a good treatment option or alternative for those who cannot tolerate oral antibiotics. Similarly, the rife machine is a non-pharmaceutical option for treating Lyme Disease, so this is a suitable option for those who would rather not/or are not able to take pills. Since the rife machine can be used to treat not only the Lyme bacteria, but other associated co-infections and conditions with Lyme, such as viruses, parasites, Candida, the need for supplements in addition to the use of the rife machine should decrease significantly. The rife machine can be used as a primary (and singular) Lyme treatment, as well as can be used in conjunction with other Lyme Disease treatments. The rife machine is a suitable option for those who have an autoimmune component of Lyme (Rife is not immune modulating as some treatments are such as herbs and supplements). Treatments are programmed into the machine by the owner and can be individually adjusted and tailored to each specific person’s needs, as directed by your Lyme-Literate Doctor or practitioner. There are several Lyme disease practitioners who specialize in treating with rife machine.


One of the major cons of the rife machine is the expense. Rife machines are not inexpensive-they range in cost from $500 up to $5,000+, with the average being somewhere in the middle around $2500-$3500. This is not affordable for many with Lyme Disease who have a limited income. This treatment is not an FDA approved treatment and is deemed an alternative, experimental treatment; some many not feel comfortable with this aspect. This treatment is very controversial; there are very divided camps about the validity of the rife machine, as well as documented fraud cases. This treatment is not supported by medical research, but more so anecdotal evidence. The safety of this machine has not been proven, although anecdotal evidence has proven it safe for both children and adults. Many patients with Lyme Disease have reported a strong herxheimer reaction from the rife machine.