Embryonic Stem Cell therapy for Lyme Disease 

Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC) are the most regenerative cells tested to date surpassing that of umblical-cord and adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are up to 6x more potent in their ability to help the human body heal itself than that of adult stem cells or umbilical stem cells. 

It is a way to help restore the quality of life of these individuals is to address these three aspects of the disease in parallel, using natural detoxification protocols along with stem cells. Essentially, stem cells are progenitor cells which are capable of regeneration and differentiation into a wide range of specialized cell types. Once injected, stem cells follow inflammatory signals from damaged tissues and have multiple ways of repairing these damaged areas. 

Each treatment and patient is unique, and there is no guarantee of what results will be seen or how quickly they may be observed. Some patients have commented on changes during the course of their treatment, others have experienced improvement within a year.


Very positive outcomes from a majority of patients who receive this therapy in significant or total healing.


It is very expensive starting at $15,500 and more depending on what facility you use

It is a newer treatment with many things still unknown.

It does not work for everyone.