Vitamin Drips for Lyme disease:

Also known as Intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy. IV therapy is when liquid substances (ie. Meyers cocktail) are delivered to the body via a vein in the arm, or the back of the hand. This system of delivery allows for the liquid to be directly infused into the blood, therefore most efficiently absorbed into the system.

This is most commonly used for vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Since using IV therapy allows these nutrients to be infused directly to the blood, it creates the ability for nourishment on a cellular level in a more efficient and effective way than simply taking supplements orally.

Vitamin dips should always be used with care and consideration. It is always best to have a professional opinion before you begin treatment.

PROS: It is non-toxic in the sense that its purpose is to serve the body and build up the good guys, not meant to kill or harm in any way. Some patients may see an energy boost that lasts for days to weeks. Could cause a dramatic drop in symptoms. It a great immune booster.

CONS: Not, or very infrequently, covered by insurance. Though not technically considered Alternative medicine, it still may be hard to find a mainstream doc that will prescribe this as it is often considered a last resort for extreme nutrient deficiency. It also may not be something that is available locally. May not be effective for everyone. Some patients have reactions to such a large dose of nutrients.